Welcome to the best value in home design in Southern Arizona! 

Here at Polaris we combine the expertise of an architect with the price of a draftsperson. Our designers can put your dreams on paper, no matter how complex or simple, beginning at $1.50 per square foot. This combination of quality and value is how we have remained strong and stable for many years in spite of the recent recession.   

We understand that each and every home is unique and special, and we know that you want the best possible house for your money.  Our chief designer is also a custom home builder and can craft your house in a way that will have everything you would like in the most cost effective way possible.  Can’t visualize it?  No problem!  We can create an upgraded virtual “walk through” so you can see every corner and cupboard before we finalize your design. 

Contact us today to meet in our beautiful showroom and discuss your new home design!  We can also walk your land to create the best home for your unique terrain and views at no extra charge, and our sister company, Macoyosh Builders, can facilitate the process of getting permits and building your new custom home!